“Orange Juice”, by Michael Rosen

As a result of working with the poem “Orange Juice”, Senior 2 made up different scenarios in which the different characters in the text had conversations. Some pairs focused on the relationship between the persona and his/her family; others performed as the thief and his/her family; and so on.

Have a look at the comments in this blog entry so that you learn what the experience was like straight from the horse’s mouth!

P.S. You can also peep into the poem by clicking on the attachment. Enjoy!
ROSENorange_ poem

30 pensamientos en ““Orange Juice”, by Michael Rosen

  1. I was with Tomas, it was a very awkward experience since I really don’t like speaking in front of people or even acting. I was really scared to go up the front and do the role play. When I went to the front and stoop up and saw so many people looking at me I was terrified, and i also got nervous. In the end I ended up messing up with the lines and I didn’t know what to do, I was really angry. But then after I did it, it felt good, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest.

    • Luz, Although we might sometimes find it hard to face other people, those looks on your peers’ faces were just supporting, showing attention and expecting to see what marvellous job you had done with Tomi. I’m sure you’ll lose that fear little by little. I’m glad you felt better towards the end.

  2. I was with Tomas Borda and Luna Perez Muniz, we did the narrator and his family. This scene wasn’t in the poem, we made it up. The narrator tells her family that the orange juice is missing and they all think of things that could have happened. Two days pass by and the same keeps happening, so they have this idea: They´re going to get up early and replace the juice with hot jamaican sauce. I had a great experience while doing this because as I was speaking with my friends I felt comfortable and it was funny, I really enjoyed the activity.

  3. I worked with Juan and Agus, we were performing a scenario between the thief and his family, with Juan as the father, Agus as the elder son and I was the litlle kid that fetched the juice from the neighbour.
    It went good we had fun writing the dialogues because we came up with some fresh ideas while planning it. It was a good expierence amd I’mm looking forward for more!

  4. I was with Delfi Miy Uranga. I really enjoyed it, it was very funny, i had to practice the lines and i had a lot of fun. The dialogue was about the protagonist and his family. The protagonist tried to understand why the orange juice was missing. It was great

  5. I was with Tomas Anania and Gonzalo Vazquez Avila, and we made it of the thief and two sons. I had a lot of fun and had a great time acting the characters and seeing how all the rest acted.

  6. I was with Joaco Venini, and we made a dialogue between the father (Joaco) and her daughter (me) in which the little girl asked for orange juice but her dad told her that somenone has been nipping the orange juice but he told her that he would fix the situation as soon as possible. It was very fun but i think that i still have to get rid of that shy-ness i have 🙂 it was a great experience!

  7. I was with Nico Monguzzi and I made a dialogue between the neighbor and the narrator. The idea was that the narrator found the neighbor who is stealing his orange juice and they discussed but the narrator understand that the neighbor don’t have money to give food to his family so the narrator gave him money and told him that he will buy to orange juice and the neighbor can take one. I don’t like to speak in front of my class but I felt it was funny and I laugh at my classmates dialogue.

  8. I was with Catu Grosso and I played the narrator of the story and Catu a friend who I ran into. I told her that someone had been stealing my orange juice and that I had planned a revenge and she gave me her opinion about my situation and told me to call her to tell her how it turned out. While performing, since we were feeling a little bit nervous, we sometimes forgot our lines and we didn’t know what to do so we just laughed. And towards my classmate’s role-plays, I thought they were very good! Some spoke very fluently and some were very funny!

  9. Lucila Giambruni and I made a dialogue in the oral class. It was about the storie of orange juice so we decided to made a conversation between the neighbour (me) and the narrator (Lucila). This conversation was where the plan of changeing the juice for some hot spice sauce. I think it was a very good experience, to improve our english and to beat, in the case of Lucila, the fear of speaking in public. I think that my classmates done it well too.

  10. I was with Bauti, we made a scene of the thief talking with the narrator. The narrator was walking in the street while the thief passes by and the narrator recognizes him. They start talking and the thief apologizes and explains he is a very poor man so the narrator gives him money and they became friends.
    I had a lot of fun making it with Bauti, it was a great activity because all the class had fun and we made very creative and different things.

  11. I was with Lucia Roggero, I was the thief’s mom and she was my son. We both were very nervous and tried to make it flow and let it come out naturally. It didn’t turn out quite that way but we enjoyed it. It was very fun. Tom (my son) didn’t know he was doing wrong by stealing his neighbor’s juice. He also feeds the cat some of the juice but it turned out being hot sauce because the neighbor had realized someone had been stealing there juice. Overall, I enjoyed this experience but need to get rid of my shy-ness.

  12. I was with Florencia Araya, My experience in oral presentations was excellent, I had fun and laughed too. Me and Flor act of the protagonist and a friend. First the protagonist tells everything that happened and also they plan revenge.

  13. My experience towards performing in the oral presentation based on the poem we have read was very funny. Firstly we did some bullet points to have an idea of what to talk when we presented our performing. Secondly, we practiced with our partner like 2 or 3 times and finally, we presented our performing. It was very funny because sometimes we forgot what to say and we all simply laughed. I had a lot of fun. I like this kind of activities because as well as learning and practicing our oral skills, we laugh and have fun all together.

  14. I was with Tomas Borda and Mara Ripoll and we were performing the narrator and her family. I was the narrator, Mara was the daughter and Tomas the son. My juice had disappeared and we all were very disappointed. In the poem the narrator doesn´t speak to her family but we made it anyway. This dialogue would take place when the narrator firstly doesn´t find the orange juice and the next day after asking the delivery man if he had it. It was easy to perform in front of our classmates but we forgot the lines once and we didn´t know what to say. My classmate´s role plays were very good and funny.

    • Tks for sharing, Luna! Next time you could think of strategies that will help you face a situation like that – most probably, improvising is the answer!

  15. Pancho Mosquera and I made a dialogue between a neighbour (Pancho) and the narrator (me). The situation was this: the narrator came to the neighbour´s house and told him that the orange juice that he delivered daily wasn´t in his door when he went to pick it up, so he asked his neighbour if he had seen someone stealing it maybe. The neighbour had an idea: he would wake up earlier, get the orange juice and the away the juice and put inside, instead, some hot spice sauce, so that when the thief drunk it, he/she would burn his/her mouth. I was a little bit nervous because I don’t like to talk in front of all the class, but luckily, I didn’t have to make eye contact with the audience, only with Pancho. I think that my classmates´dialogues were very creative.

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