The Son’s Veto

Dear all,

As promised, here goes the file with essay questions on The Son’s Veto. Use your notes on the Victorian Times and on the analysis of the text. Remember there’s a scrapbook file you can also consult.

You must choose ONE of the questions in point A and plan your writing. That is to say, structure your ideas into an introduction, a body and a conclusion and choose relevant quotations from the story that will support your ideas in your composition. You must bring your planning to class on TUESDAY AUGUST 12th, when you’ll share your thoughts, doubts, insights, etc with your peers and me. The DEADLINE to HAND IN this essay is TUESDAY AUGUST 19th.

Point B in the file must also be handed in on AUGUST 19th.

Do not hesitate to ask me any questions!!!

Written assignment on the sons veto

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