Group Conferences

What do these “conferences” entail?

They consist in meeting and assessing one’s learning process. It’s an opportunity to critically reflect upon the work done, the effort made and the goals achieved. It’s an/other – and perhaps final – instance in which we can decide what we directly want to aim at so as to make further progress, either in the short or in the long run.

As these conferences entail self-assessment (i.e. evaluating yourself, your performance in the subject – or at school in general), it is very important to COME PREPARED.

Before meeting, it is essential for you to take the following steps:

  1. Collect all your pieces of writing.
  2. Organise them according to either chronological order or genre.
  3. Put together all the drafts corresponding to the same question.
  4. Read feedback. Find recurrent mistakes. How can you make up for them?
  5. Focus on paragraphing and sentence separation: How can they be improved on? Think of the following aspects: topics; development of ideas; punctuation; linking devices.
  6. Focus on vocabulary and make lists of the following items you are to use in your compositions: 5 linking devices, 5 different ways of expressing opinion, 5 reporting verbs, 2 expressions that trigger inversion, 3 words that express effect, 5 descriptive items.
  7. Reflect upon the genres you feel most comfortable with. What option will you choose in part 2 of paper 3?

So, get ready for Monday, October 28th. It’s the class right before you sit for your English Language IGCSE. You’ll be getting together with me and some of your peers.

Below you can peep into group formation:

Group 1: Mati, Cami, Juan, Lucía

Group 2: Mechi, Clara, Vicky, Cande, Juana

Group 3: Delfi, Lucas, Felipe, Valentina, Balta

Group 4: Diego, Tadeo, Abril, Julia, Santi

I’m sure you’ll make the most out of this experience as you’ll share your learning process with others and get to listen to them as well.

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