Introducing… Oral & Writing!

If you are wondering what the subject is about, what objectives lie ahead of us, what your responsibilities are, and so on, check out this presentation!

Should you have any doubts, comments, concerns, suggestions and ideas, do not hesitate to comment in this entry. I’m sure that what you have to say will benefit all of us!

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Oral & Writing presentation of SUBJECT 2016



45 pensamientos en “Introducing… Oral & Writing!

  1. Dani, the presentation was very use full because it show us a little of how are we going to work on this year that is just beginning, there are lots of things that we have already done last year with Pilar but there are also new things that on this presentation we get to know them and understand them better.

  2. I liked this presentation because it was clear. I also like what is planned for this year, the activities, etc. I’m not keen on presentations and there’s no reason why; I guess I naturally don’t like them.

  3. Hi Dani,
    I am very sorry for the delay. I found very good the presentation, very simple and clear. In the first classes, I was nervous and had a lot of doubts but know I understood and I am calmer. I really like the presentations but in the writings I am not so good, so I wanted to improve.
    I hope to have a good year and learn a lot!

  4. Last class in writing and speaking skills we saw a presentation regarding the subject and what we were going to do in it. We had to answer some questions:

    How did you feel?

    During the presentation I felt excited because the topics of our class didn’t look boring.

    First impression:

    I thought that the presentation was a great idea because it would introduce us to the subject with an idea of what wer were going to study.

    What do you like about the subject?

    I like writing my opinion on stories that we read and to hear other people’s opinions.

    What are you not so confident about?

    Im not so confident about oral presentations.

  5. Hi, Dani

    The presenation for me was very clear, useful and detailed. I had many doubts at the very beggining but I feel that by the end of the year, I hope to learn some techniques and keywords in speaking and writing, also that I want to improve my English throught the year. As Lola said I don´t want to have so many booktuve because I´ve always have problems at uploading it. I think that this year will be interesting and entertainig.
    Greetings Fran!!

  6. I think this year will be great. I will like to improve my english and my writing. I feel this year my orals will be great in organizing my ideas, etc. But I have to work on not stuttering so much when I speak.

  7. Hi Dani! I loved the presentation, it was very clear for me and it took away many doubts, i really like this subject so i hope i can improve my skills, specially on oral because i get very nervous, see u, Flor.

  8. Hi Dani!
    I really enjoyed your presentation, because most of the rules showned are much different to the ones were stablished last year. I also liked all the methods you included to the way of working these year such as the retellings. The last thing I liked very much and I think would be very useful in the future is that you are open to hear our ideas of how making the class more active and dinamic.
    See you!

    • I don’t think I mentioned re-telling, did I?
      You are an important – essential, rather – part of the class. Of course, I’ll take all your feedback into account.

  9. Hi Dani! I found this presentation really usefull because I could clear some doubts I used to have about Oral and Writing. Also, I found this presentation funny and entertaing with all the pictures and jokes it had, because if it was a boring presentation I would not have learned some stuff that now I know about this subject. I hope this year I can learn some speaking skills and techniques to speak more fluently and better because I would like to improve my speaking skills a lot.
    Greetings, Santi

  10. Hi Dani! I am Rosario. I am looking foward to start working this year with poems and legends! It is a very creative and fun way to learn and improve my writing and speaking skills. This presentation was very clear about what we are going to do this year so I don’t have any doubts about it. See you

    • Great, Rochi! We will work on legends, but later in the year. I hope you will enjoy ALL the material I’m sharing with you.

  11. Hi Dani,
    I really liked the presentation because i could clear my doubts about what we are going to see throughout the year. I’m looking forward to the writting part and to learn how to express ourselves better during an oral presentation.
    See you later,

  12. Hello Dani,
    I really like your presentation! I think it was very clear, interesting and enjoyable. This helped me to know more about what we are going to do in this subject. I don’t like so much the part that we have to do oral the last book-tube, since I usually get very nervous when I talked orals. Last year we read many stories and we answered questions in classes, are we going to do the same this year?
    See you tomorow,
    Juana !

    • It’s not the last booktube, actually. That’s lending library work, and can be done in different ways, not just Booktubes. It’s essential to explore all the possibilities, so try and be open to that! I’m sure you’ll do great. 🙂
      We will work on stories, of course!

  13. Hi!
    I liked very much your presentation because it was very clear and it answered me some doubts I had about this subject. I liked the activity of Talk About because I think it will be intresting, however I dont like to talk in front of the class. I also liked other activities like reading poems and short stories because it will be fun and we’ll work togeather.
    I feel like we are going to learn not only about Writing & Oral, also about how to be more responsible and confident. Sincerely, Rochi.

  14. Hello,
    This presentation show me how we are going to worked frew the year. I get it interesting and really like doing booktubes, I´m not well reading but I`m want to improve on reading. I`m scare about writing because that it`s my weakness.
    Hope to be a great year.
    See you.

    • The harder you work, the better you will do. Stay focused and make those weaknesses your strengths.
      You need to pay closer attention to language. Make an effort and give your best!

  15. Hello Dani!
    This presentation was very usefull for me and , as I see in the other comments, for all the class also . While I was reading this presentation I clarified a lot of doubts and now I know more about how will the classes be with you. I find this subject very hard and I hope that with endeavor, I will enjoy all the classes.
    see you!

  16. Hi
    I enjoyed this presentation, it was well organized and it answered all of my questions. I am really exited on learning all this new material. I am curious on learning how to write discursive essays.

  17. Hello, I liked this presentation because it doesn’t have big paragraph as many presentations in general, it only had bullet points that then would be explained in detail. I found useful the part on which Dani told us that we could take photos of the whiteboard becuase you have the photo of the things that we do in class and you have it as closer than you think, also it could really help us to study.

    • Make sure that you print those photos, or later pass the notes onto your folders, so that you keep content organised and you can easily study.
      Thanks for your comment!

  18. Greetings! I am Victoria. I really like this presentation, it helped me to understand what I will be doing during the year. It is an entertaining presentation that really answered all my questions about writing and speaking skills.
    I am really looking forward to read legends and write poems since I think it will be enjoyable. But I am afraid that I am not very good at grammar, so that will be complicated. I hope that by the end of the year, I will have improved my writing skills. Sincerely, Vicky.

    • Legends is one of the last units! I hope you’ll be patient and won’t bite your nails over it. :/
      We will work on poems soonish, though. 😉

  19. Hi Dani!
    I really enjoy your presentation, I was expecting some of the things you said and some of them not. What I like the most was that we are going to write different kinds of compositions. Also because I am really shy and I get nervious in the presentations, I was expecting that maybe this year, with this subject, I could improve my skils and overcome my fear.

    See you!

    • 🙂 I’m sure you’ll become more confident. Let’s break some moulds!
      What came as a surprise for you during my presentation?

  20. Hi,
    I liked a lot the presentation because it helped me to understand what we were going to do in class a lot better. I really like the course objectives, i found them really interesting and im curious about what is a role play. Im not very confident about the writing part but i hope i can get better and learn!
    See you!

    • You will get better, of course, if you set out to do it. You’ve never worked on role-plays before? I’m sure you’ll enjoy that a lot!

  21. Hello,
    The presentation was clear, which made it interesting. The presentation cleared many doubts I had about the subject, at first I felt as it was a totally new course, but whilst watching the presentation and listening to Dani, I realized that the only difference from last year is that the final lending library test will be in person rather than in a booktube.
    I feel this year will be fun and full of learning.
    See you in class,

  22. Hi!
    I found this presentation really usefull because it made a lot of things clear. I am happy because we won’t have to do as much booktubes as last year because, although they were fun, we had a lot of problems with uploading them. Last year we focused some months on newspaper articles and I was wondering if this year we will go on with that topic pr study another topic in particular?

    • I don’t think we’ll keep on working on that; we should ring the changes a bit. What do you think? What topic would you like to explore?

  23. Hi!
    I really like this presentation because it was very clear. At the beginning of the class, I was very afraid about all the new things we are going to learn, but after watching the presentation, I felt more confidence.
    What I like a lot is that we will do Role-Plays, but i’m not so confidence at giving presentations, It’s really hard for me to talk in front of people.
    See you!!

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