«First day at school»

Hi, Senior 2!

Next Tuesday (March 11th) we’ll keep working on the poem by Roger McGough. I’d like you to write around 150 words that answer the following questions:

1) Whose voice can you hear, as it were, in the poem?

2) What is the persona like? Why?

Use lines from the poem to support your statements and views. Link your sentences by means of connectors. Your language must be semi-formal to formal.

Remember: it’s not a questionnaire but a short argumentative composition.

See you next week!



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  1. The poem «My first day at school» has an unknown voice. However, the poet give as some clues that let us have an idea of who the voice is.
    To begin, the voice of this excelent poem is a little and inocent boy. A boy who is just starting shcool and has never been so independent. I realised this because the wirter wrote: » I wish se was here» refering to the kid’s mother. This shows how scared, insecure and inocent he is. Moreover, then he shows inocence when he don’t know the meaning of basic words such as «classroom» or «teacher». This words are new for young kids who enter in primary school, young kids.
    In conclusion, thanks to some clause given by the writer in the poem, I could easy realised that the voice was a little inocent and scared boy.

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