Getting postcolonial: «A horse and two goats»

«A horse and two goats» was written by R.K. Narayan in 1970. It paints a perfect picture of Indian life after their independence from the British Empire in 1947. Bearing this in mind is essential when first tackling this literary piece as setting, context of production and culture seem pervasive. We are then invited to explore not only Postcolonialism as a historical phenomenon but the sense of Indianness as well.

Here goes a presentation that will, hopefully, aid you in the understanding of the macrocosm of this short story.

Some tasks for you to carry out while checking the presentation out:

1) You are invited to complete the «main themes and concerns» section as each of the items need further explanation.

2) Read the poem «Colonization in Reverse» and trace postcolonial elements in it.

3) Make a list of important data about India which will contribute to your analysis of this text in particular.

See you in class for a whole-group discussion!