Introducing… LANGUAGE!

If you are wondering what the subject is about, what objectives lie ahead of us, what your responsibilities are, and so on, check out this presentation!

Should you have any doubts, comments, concerns, suggestions and ideas, do not hesitate to comment in this entry. I’m sure that what you have to say will benefit all of us!

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LANGUAGE presentation of SUBJECT 2016

34 comentarios en “Introducing… LANGUAGE!

  1. Hi Dani!
    I hope this year we write a lot of writings, read stories, carry out oral presentations and so on and so forth. What I like most of this subject are the oral presentations, creative writings (stories, narratives), learning new vocabulary (which I hope I remember for my day to day life ;P) and having interactive classes which I find fun and entertaining (also easy to follow and learn from them).
    I hope this will be a great year!

  2. Hi, my name is Rocio Hartmann and I’m also looking forward to a fun year together! We’ve already had some great classes and I’m positive we’ll have many more! I too think we should definitely watch more movies. 😉 Thanks for sharing this presentation, it was a neat way to present the subject and the goals for this year.

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  4. Hi, I’m Gonzalo Vazquez Avila and these are my expectations for this year in Language:
    Though I know we’ll be writing a lot of complex essays and short stories, I’d like it if we didn’t fall short regarding our speaking skills, and that we keep on making oral presentations like we’ve been doing so far. Also, I’m looking forward for groupwork and fun activities, and hope that we’ll be analysing many interesting stories. But I wouldn’t want all of this work to stop us from watching at least one good movie 😛

    I appreciate this presentation very much, for it answered many of my questions and it will be useful for me to prepare for the international exams.

    • 🙂 I’m sure we’ll cover most of what you pointed out. I hope we do have time to watch a film together. If not, why not at least devote a class to discussing a film that you’ve watched at home, right?

  5. Hi, i am Nicolas Monguzzi. I am looking forward to become better at language, especially at writing, because I am not very good at it.
    I also think that if we watch movies in English without subtitles, we would become better at listening to other people and we would understand almost everything.

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  7. Hi! Im Joaco

    I have big expectations for this year, I hope that Language will be a very fun subject as it has always been to me. I would like a lot to watch tons of videos and movies in class which help us to learn. Also it would be great if we practiced a lot our oral skills which I find very interesting!

    • You ooze positive energy. That’s the way to go! We will watch a video or two, but you can always suggest material or search for it to further your studies.

  8. Hi, I`m Jose Catani, I`am very excited for this new year! I would like to improve my essay writing and also learn more vocabulary! Last but not least I would like to get really prepared for the IGCSE so that I make a good exam.
    Thank you!

  9. Hi, I am Bauti Olaizola and this year I expect to improve my skills in wiritng essays because I am not very good. I also want to get ready for the IGCSE test to be very confident.

  10. Hi! I’m Flor Araya and I agree with Delfi on what she mentioned that she would like to work on this year. I would also like to become more confident while giving an oral presentation, but mostly, I look forward to learning appropriate language to each context, as mentioned in the presenation, and to practicing for the IGCSE since I usually get very nervous too! Also, I read your post on how to comment in blogs and found it very useful 🙂 Thank you!

  11. Hi Daniela,i am Delfina Nicora and my main objectives for this year is to, improve my speaking,to become a better student in language and to learn a varied vocabulary!Thanks

    • Attendance. Checked!
      Participation. (Still not there yet, but trying)
      Hard work. (Are you ready?)
      You’ll reach your goals.

  12. Hi I’m Pancho! I liked the style of the presentation for language, it’s dynamic. This year i look foward to improve mi speaking as well as vocabulary. I found vocabulary essential for all the writings and the IG’s. I also find essential practicing and concentration, which will lead to succes.

  13. Hi I`m Luli Giambruni and I look foward this year to get ready and prepared for the IGCSE Language examination since I’m a little bit nervous. In additioon, I think it would be great if we went on an excursion alltogether, it would be fun. I’d also love us working with technology such as with the computers or cellphones. Really hope to have a great year!

    • Don’t be nervous! We sill have a long way to go, eight months actually. It’d be lovely to go on an outing all together. Where do you suggest?
      I hope I can often find a way to include technology in the class. If not, your ideas are always welcome.

  14. Hi, i’m Delfi Miy Uranga and im looking forward to achieve all this year’s goals very excited. What i would like to do also, is improve my speaking skills, since i’m very shy when I have to present an oral. Also i would like to practise a lot for the IGCSE so that when we have to sit for it I’m not as nervous and insecure as I’m now. Thanks!!

  15. Hi I am Tadeo and i would like to learn more vocabulary and speak more clearly. Also, I would like to sit for the Igcse without any problem, which i see pretty much as a puzzle. Thank you!

  16. Hello i’m Abril Lopez Elorreaga and i’m interested in learning more vocabulary because I think that mine is very «primitive». Can we practice a little bit more of that? Thank you very much!

  17. feelings
    scared -«noise»
    -emphasis on his «smallness»
    lonly: no sense of belonging
    «then don`t let me in»
    anxious: «waiting»
    in doubt «to go where»
    a kid on his first day at school.
    . «my name is sewn»
    .»i wish i could remember my name»
    . «mummy»
    . «millionbillonwillon» hyperbole
    . questions
    . pronunsicition difficulty
    . lexical
    scared/ fritened/ terrified
    type of poem
    like a monologue
    1 person
    focus on feelings and thoughts

  18. Hello, I am Bruce Donald, interested on the objectives which are in the presentation and I realy want to achieve them but could we practice speaking and writing more formal?

    • Hi, Bruce! Thank you for your comment!
      We’ll all do our best to reach the goals set for this year. Writing and speaking in a formal register are part of our syllabus. So, don’t worry! We’ll soon get to that!

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