A View from the Bridge

Today we referred to Arthur Miller’s play A View from the Bridge in a quite superficial way, but next class we’ll be working on an analysis of as many aspects of the text as we possibly can. In order to do so, please bring with you all the necessary material. If you have last year’s Lit Booklet, check if the file I’m sharing below is there. If it isn’t, print the file so that we can work on all the activities in class.

View from the Bridge Study Guide


1) Read the «before reading» section on the second page of the pdf document. Just read! You don’t need to do any extra research. Highlight contextual information that aids the understanding of the play.

2) Work on the activities on pages 3 and 4 of the pdf document. There is a fill-in-the-blanks activity based on Act I and a listing / bullet-pointing activity based on Act II. Both exercises are related to plot.

3) In the study guide there are several questions that address specific quotations in the play. Make sure you mark all those quotations in your books. You may use different colour post-it’s or write a list of quotations with the page numbers where they appear in a chart or in bullet points.

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