December 2017: Contents, Plan y Exercises

Dear S2,

Find in this entry everything you need to know and have for December exams.

Read carefully, work hard and study conscientiously.


Plan de Trabajo



1st Term

A view from the Bridge

Choose a fragment from the play that contains between 8 and 12 exchanges and analyse the following:

  • Language used by characters and how it defines them
  • Thematic concerns
  • Tone and atmosphere

“Sredni Vashtar”

Find evidence of the following concepts in the text and justify your choices with complete argumentation:

  • Toast as a symbol
  • Home as an uncanny space
  • Nature striking back
  • Conradin as point of alignment
  • The maccabre


2nd Term

“Ming’s Biggest Prey”

Complete the speech bubbles in the file attached below.


“The Phoenix”

Write an argumentative paragraph beginning with 1 (one) of the topic sentences below:

  • The short story “The Phoenix” is a critique to capitalist societies.
  • The text does poetic justice with its ending.
  • Poldero is an uncanny character as he both hosts and is hostile to the animals in the aviary.


3rd Term


1- Choose 5 (different) literary devices we have worked with and find examples in the texts listed in the 3rd term content list.

2- Explain the effect/meaning each of the literary devices chosen has in the context of the poem the example was taken from.

NOTE: You may use the chart below to organise your responses to 1 and 2.

Literary device Example (text) Effect / Meaning










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