Second World War: Characters and Conflicts

As we have lately been working around the Second World War conflict, I thought that you could not miss out on this short story by Roald Dahl.


Read it and start reflecting upon this question:

Can we blame somebody’s actions on their early education?

We’ll be DEBATING upon this on Wednesday, June 24th. Bring dictionaries, pictures, articles, which will help you support your views.

The ART of the Public Speaker

Giving oral presentations requires hard work and preparation. However, no matter how much we anticipate, we always get a little bit nervous, right?

That’s why it’s vital to do our best and organise our speech and visual aids. The more we get ready, the less we’ll stress out about speaking in public.

Here goes a video of an inspiring TedTalk that might prove a useful example of how to ace as public speakers. Check out Lisa Bu’s «How Books Open your Mind» and take down notes of the following:

Content and Organisation

Tone of Voice and Speed

Body Language

Visual Aids

So, what should we take into account when giving oral presentations? What are, in your opinion, the «dos» and the «donts»?

Post your notes on a comment below.

Also, compare your views with the following checklist: Oral Presentations CHECKLIST

Do you find this checklist effective? What questions would you add or leave out?

We’ll discuss all this on Wednesday, April 8th.

All the best!