Practice makes perfect

Dear Senior 4,

As I have already anticipated in class, I hereby attach the marking scheme corresponding to the last paper 2 we worked on. To be more exact, it’s the May/June 2012 0500/22 exam containing two passages around the topic of detectives.

Make sure you print enough copies so that the whole class has access to this material as we’ll be using it on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd.. Remember it is not necessary to print a copy each.

We’ll focus, particularly, on question 2 (linguistic expressions and their effect). Nonetheless, you’re more than welcome to peep into the other questions so as to have a broader view of what you’re expected to do in the exam

See you soon!


0500_s12_ms_22 in booklet



The chapter “Police” from the novel Journey to Jo’burg by Beverly Naidoo cannot be discussed without paying close attention to its context of production: South Africa during the Apartheid system. After reading the text in class, it seemed vital to tackle the issue of segregation and its impact on different communities around the world. Students were then encouraged to prepare oral presentations. They made interesting connections with history, sports, politics, literature and music and shared videos, information, posters, photographs and even songs!

Below is their work, which will ultimately result in a discursive essay.

Peep into it and enjoy!

Delfi Subirá & Nacho Rela

Mili Alezzandrini

Pablo Pacheco Piñeiro & Agus Campion

Juan Cruz Gomez Roca & Joaco Díaz Walker

Belu Irazusta & Agus Buljevich

Emi Molmenti & Mili Zubizarreta

Sofi Teran & Fran Okecki

Joaco Olaizola & Antonia Flores Piran

Paka Müller and Juani Lopez Vargas worked on some songs by Rage Against the Machine: «Sleep Now in the Fire» «Maria»


My Family and Other Animals

Last year the students who are now in Senior 4 started reading a novel by Gerald Durrel called My family and Other Animals. In order to go back to it and keep reading, this year they got together in groups and prepared presentations using PREZI. They focused on various elements, such as characters, main events, cultural issues regarding the British and the Greeks, imagery and new vocabulary.

Here’s what they’ve done.

CHAPTER ONE By Delfi Subirá, Agus Buljevich, Belu Irazusta & Sofi Teran

CHAPTER TWO By Juan Cruz Gomez Roca, Justo Fernandez Vidal, Sebastián Borda and Nicolás Araya

CHAPTER THREE By Emi Molmenti, María Brito Peret, Joaco Díaz Walker & Antonia Flores Piran

CHAPTER FOUR By Mili Alezzandrini, María Belén Gay, Piky Loza  & Mili Zubizarreta

CHAPTER FIVE By Nacho Rela, Agus Campion, Fran Okecki & Joaco Olaizola

CHAPTER SIX By Mili Brascó, Juani López Vargas, Pablo Piñeiro Pacheco & Pancho Ripoll


Diary Entries

Reading the poem «First day at school» inspired us to work on Language in varied ways. Diary entry writing was one of them. Students expressed their opinions and feelings about school, their fears and their goals and expectations for this year. They came up with lovely pieces, which will be shared as «comments» below. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I did!