How to comment in blogs


Commenting in blogs is about reading, thinking and responding. That’s the best way to keep interaction going and to create a positive working atmosphere.

When you make comments on blog posts, it is very important to follow the following guidelines:

  • First and foremost, check your profile! Create an avatar and only reveal your first name. They will always be revealed whenever you write a comment.
  • Beware of privacy! Do not share any personal information.
  • Make sure you respond to the post by writing a meaningful and relevant comment.
  • Use polite words and appropriate language.
  • Leave a question so that you encourage on-going conversation.
  • Proofread your comment. Read what you’ve written before you send your comment: Is it clear? Are ideas well organised? Did I stick to the topic? Can I correct any typo/ spelling mistake? Have I used punctuation marks where necessary?
  • Have a look at other comments and respond to them as well as to the post: Do you agree or disagree with others? Why?

Happy blog commenting!

10 comentarios en “How to comment in blogs

  1. I think this year will be great. I will like to improve my english and my writing. I feel this year my orals will be great in organizing my ideas, etc. But I have to work on not stuttering so much when I speak.

  2. I’m Guillermina and i find this post very useful. This year will be a chalenge for me because in my previous school the preparation for igcse was very week anyways i will do my vest this year.

  3. I am convinced that these items will help me to organise my ideas in a clear way,This post was important for me to know how to comment.

  4. This post was very useful for me. It help me to write clear and to concentrate in the important things. I don´t know if I am going to coment in a on-going conversation way always but I will try to do my best in that point.

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